One definition of enlightenment is “education or awareness that brings change”. When someone asked the Buddha if he was enlightened, his response was “I am awake”. This course provides the means to meet both of these criteria. It gives exercises and practices which will act as guideposts along your journey of becoming. As you meet, integrate, and become your deeper, truer self, you will become your own guide.

In this course we will reprogram the mind to operate from higher awareness. We learn to identify the ego mind, trace the emotions from which it arises, and learn how we are controlled by our environment when reacting from ego mind. We will learn to clear the energy body, begin the practice of non-attachment, non-aversion, and learn to utilize the Holy Breath to establish a state of heart/mind entrainment. And we will begin a practice of mindfulness which will lead us into becoming our Higher Self.

I have found on my personal journey that the framework laid by these exercises continues to serve, grow and expand. The practices open the doorway to a state of being that is boundless and eternal. All that is required is to let go.

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