The following exercises are designed to affect a quantum shift within your state of being. Before beginning each one, take several clearing, centering breaths, allow your awareness to center in your heartspace, and allow that energy to connect into each exercise. When you are ready to begin, continue below.

Dear Source

Dear Source,

     Please ensure that my prayers are answered in the fastest and most pleasant way possible, in alignment with my highest path.

     May only the Purest Unconditional Love, Light and Truth from Ascended Master level come through to me. Please give me everything that I need and all necessary knowledge, know how and assistance to ensure that I maintain a completely healthy spiritual body, free from any negative influence or interference of any kind.

     Please make certain that all of my thoughts, beliefs and memories are completely my authentic thoughts, in alignment with my highest good and are free of any negative influence or interference of any kind. Please return any parts of my consciousness that have been interfered with or influenced, back to original form. I claim my full presence and participation in my body and in my consciousness. Please remove any streams of influence or consciousness from me that are not in alignment with my highest path.

     Please ensure my full awareness and access to my highest truth in all areas of my consciousness. Please remove any connections or ties to others that are not serving my greatest good. Please remove all negative energy, including patterns, belief systems, thoughts, imprints, implants, programs or influence that are no longer serving me. Delete, undo and remove any contracts, vows, promises, pacts or ties that are no longer serving me.

     Please remove any trauma, damage or connections related to sexual experiences. Free me from any and all energies that do not belong to me and/or are hindering my path of greatest growth. Return to me any of my own energy or soul facets that have been taken, borrowed, given, or lost from me.

     Please ensure that all of my energy returns to me in a purified form, and cut off any connection by which my energy may be being siphoned to another. I request that your presence be strong in me today. May I be a dominating force of unconditional love and healing for myself and all those around me.

     Please release me of all that is less than the purest, unconditional love and render all interference ineffective. May I hold a clear space of unwavering faith under all conditions. I invite and intend only the highest and greatest good for myself and my family now and always, in every realm, mind, body, spirit and soul. I invite you to assist me in all possible ways to embody my highest path. May I be led to my True North at all times. I pray to send all of this and better to myself and my loved ones, now and always.

     Please maintain these conditions on an ongoing basis, shield me from any breach and lead me to any solutions I may need as swiftly as possible. I entrust these intentions to be carried out with joy and unconditional love. And so it is. Thank you.

The Lotus

Visualize yourself seated in the lotus position

Now, with your third eye, focus your awareness within your heart center

Here, your inner being sits in the seat of your heart, in a lotus flower

The stem of this flower connects to your heart center in a golden cord

The petals of this flower begin to open, one by one

As they open, a light emanates from the center

This light is Divine love, the love of God for you… Allow yourself to feel this love…

As the flower continues to open, you see that at it’s center sits your Divine Essence, your True reality

See the image of you expand to fill your entire aura, this is the energy of your Divine essence

Feel the center of this flower, it is the origin of creation, feel it as a connection of love to all mankind

Return your awareness to the present moment, continuing to feel this love connection to Divine source